Shaoxing Keqiao Yizhong Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd.2021 Environmental and Social Responsibility Report

Update:15 Jul
The Company and all members of the Board of Directors warrant that the contents of this report are true, accurate and complete.
This report contains no false records, misleading statements or major omissions.
About this report
This report is the overall report of the company's performance of environmental and social responsibilities in 2021. It truly and objectively reflects the specific practice of the company's performance of environmental and social responsibilities in business management activities, which is conducive to promoting extensive communication and exchanges with all sectors of society and promoting the company's continuous healthy growth. The disclosures in this report are explained as follows:
1. Scope of the report
(1) Organizational scope of the report: Shaoxing Yizhong Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd.
(2) Time range of the report: January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
(3) Release cycle of the report: This report is an annual report, which is issued with the annual report every year.
2. Compilation basis
This report is prepared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Guidelines for the Standardized Operation of Companies Listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange" and with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) "Guidelines for Sustainability Reports" and "Guidelines for Compilation of Environmental and Social Responsibility Reports for Chinese Enterprises".
3. Data Description
The financial data in the report is extracted from the 2021 Annual Report of Shaoxing Yizhong Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. The financial report has been independently audited by a third-party accounting firm, and other data are from the company's internal statistics.
4. Warranty Statement
The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions in the contents of this report, and take individual and joint responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the contents.
5. Appellation description
For the convenience of expression and reading, "Shaoxing Yizhong Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd." is abbreviated as "Yizhong Printing and Dyeing" or "Company" in the report.
6. Release form
This report is published in Chinese electronic version, and the electronic document of this report can be downloaded from the company's official website.
The first part of the chairman's speech
Fighting the "tough battle of pollution prevention and control" is one of the three major battles in the decisive period of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country. As an important part of the construction of ecological civilization, pollution prevention and control work is not only related to the development direction of building a beautiful China and satisfying the people's desire for a better life, but also an important step in the development strategy of the "Millennium Plan". The Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee further emphasized the need to promote the goal of "high-quality development". Shaoxing Yizhong Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. is a professional acrylic packaging container enterprise integrating mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, bronzing, printing and assembly. Constantly breaking through ourselves, concentrating on research and development technology, with the mission of "zero-carbon and waste-free builders", realizing high-efficiency transformation through the synergistic advantages of the whole industry chain, opening up the boundary between energy and environmental protection through technological integration innovation, and allowing more technology to go to the factory, for the Environmental services, promote the transformation and upgrading of China's plastics industry in the direction of comprehensive management, efficient energy use, and circular development, and solve the fundamental problems of environmental governance.
In 2021, Yizhong Printing and Dyeing will take the realization of ecological civilization construction and the improvement of living environment as its own responsibility, earnestly fulfill corporate commitments, actively undertake environmental and social responsibilities, and take practical actions to write environmental improvement, employee training and other content into the corporate development strategy, and pursue social development. Sustainable and healthy development.
This year, we stood at the height of zero-carbon and no-waste builders, and took the business disposal capability of the entire industry chain as our core competitiveness. The quality of comprehensive water management projects has been better improved. In the face of different changes in the internal and external environment of the industry, the company constantly reforms itself and renews management
At the same time, the company takes the initiative to seek changes, adhere to the concept of advancing with the times, and practice the environmental and social responsibility of environmental comprehensive service providers with practical actions.
Under the new economic situation, the sustainable and healthy development of Yizhong Printing and Dyeing is inseparable from the support and trust of stakeholders such as the country, investors, employees and partners. Yizhong Printing and Dyeing will continue to uphold the core values ​​of continuous innovation, pursuit of perfection, integrity first, and courageous responsibility to create outstanding value for the society, so that the company will quickly become an international, modern and professional first-class enterprise.
Part II About Us
1. Company Profile
Shaoxing Keqiao Yizhong Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. was established on November 6, 2003. It is located at the intersection of Xingbin Road and Beiwu Road, Ma'an Street, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City. It covers an area of ​​120 acres and a building area of ​​59,000 square meters. Existing printing and dyeing workshop, semi-finished product workshop, office building, annex and other buildings. The enterprise is equipped with printing, dyeing and finishing production equipment, mainly engaged in the printing, dyeing and finishing processing of high-grade knitted fabrics such as rayon and blended fabrics, with an annual production capacity of 40 million meters. There are 650 employees, three-shift production and 300 working days per year. The Energy Conservation Assessment Report of Shaoxing Keqiao District Yizhong Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 40 million meters of high-grade printing and dyeing fabric upgrading and technological transformation projects was approved by the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City in June 2018 (Shaoke Approval [2018] ] 48).
2. The benefits of the company's fulfillment of environmental and social responsibilities
In 2021, Yizhong Printing and Dyeing will adhere to the pursuit of excellence in quality, and achieve the concept of serving customers with a good reputation. Harmonious development is the foundation and guarantee for the sustainable development of the company, as well as the goal and direction of pursuing evergreen foundations and fulfilling environmental and social responsibilities. Harmonious development is not only the harmony of some people and groups, but the comprehensive and harmonious coexistence of all stakeholders around the company. Specifically, it includes six levels: shareholders--employees--customers/partners--communities--environment--culture. Only when the company achieves harmonious coexistence and growth with the six levels can it truly fulfill its environmental and social responsibilities and achieve the win-win goals of shareholder benefit, employee benefit, partner benefit, community benefit, environmental benefit, and cultural benefit.
3. System construction for the company to fulfill environmental and social responsibilities
(1) Clarify environmental and social responsibility work activities with reference to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's "Guidelines for Standardized Operation of Main Board Listed Companies" and "Guidelines for Environmental and Social Responsibility of Listed Companies", according to the characteristics of the emerging environmental protection industry in which the company is located, and combined with the company's development history, summed up the results. Main stakeholders of the company's environmental and social responsibility, main concerns and corresponding countermeasures:


main focus

Company response


The rights and interests of shareholders (especially small and medium shareholders) are protected.

1. Improve the modern enterprise system;

2. Standardize the convening of shareholders' meetings and improve information

3. Provide stable and rich investment returns;

4. Provide online voting, and pay attention to the protection of minority investors and shareholders when deciding major issues.


Protection of creditors' rights and interests.

Strictly abide by the contract and perform obligations.


1. Fair procurement;

2. Mutual benefit and win-win.

1. Oppose commercial bribery;

2. Be honest and trustworthy, and fulfill the contract on time.


1. Good welfare treatment;

2. A good working environment;

3. Grow together with the company.

1. Provide good salary and welfare guarantee;

2. Strengthen employee training;

3. Pay attention to production safety;

4. Strengthen the construction of corporate culture


1. Environmental governance and technological innovation;

2. Industrial progress, business structure adjustment and optimization.

1. Environmental protection technology development and technological innovation;

2. Actively develop new businesses such as sanitation integration and utilization of renewable resources.


1. Promote social, economic and cultural development;

2. Improve the quality of life and innovate the quality of life;

3. Build a new society of harmony, civilization and development.

1. Pay taxes in full and on time;

2. Create employment opportunities and absorb employment;

3.Enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and repaying the society;

4. Create high-quality environmental protection projects to serve the public.

(2) Establish and improve the environmental and social responsibility system guarantee
The company attaches great importance to the construction of a modern enterprise system. According to the scope of the concept of environmental and social responsibility, the company has standardized the corporate governance structure, established and improved the company's management and operation system, and provided a system guarantee for the protection of the rights and interests of stakeholders.
1. In 2020, the company revised and improved the "Articles of Association", and improved the corporate governance system in accordance with the "Rules of Procedures for General Meetings of Shareholders", "Administrative Measures for Outbound Investments" and other rules and regulations. The company has established and improved the "Information Disclosure Management System", "The Rules of Procedure for the General Meeting of Shareholders", and the "Investor Relations Management System" to protect the rights and interests of shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders. Timely, accurate and complete disclosure of material information to ensure shareholders' right to know and equal rights. When holding a general meeting of shareholders, the company provides a combination of on-site and online voting to ensure that minority shareholders exercise their voting rights and protect shareholders, especially minority shareholders. rights and interests.
2. The company has established and improved asset management and fund use systems such as the "Internal Audit System", "Financial Management System", "Fund Budget Management System", "Investment Management System", "Raised Funds Management System", etc., to strengthen capital security and financial Risk control to protect the interests of creditors and investors.
3. In accordance with relevant labor laws and regulations, the company guarantees the legitimate rights and interests of laborers, strictly implements the "Labor Law" and "Labor Contract Law", and formulates the "Safety Production Management Measures", "Safety Operation Standards", "Safety Production Accident Emergency" "Plan", "Landscape Maintenance System Compilation", "Construction Site Management Measures", "Construction Management Center Safety Management Measures",
The "Environmental Protection Management System", "Environmental Protection Supervision and Management Regulations", "Environmental Risk Management System", "Production and Operation Standard Management System" and other safety production management systems, continuously strengthen the safety production education of employees, and protect the rights and interests of employees.
4. In strict accordance with the requirements of laws, regulations and normative documents such as "Basic Norms for Enterprise Internal Control" and related supporting guidelines, "Guidelines for Internal Control of Listed Companies", the company continued to sort out and improve the "Internal Reporting System for Material Information", "Inside Information" Insider Registration Management System", with the updated "Internal Control System" as the outline, with the environmental control system,
The internal control system based on business control system, accounting system control system, information system control system, information transmission control system, and internal audit control system provides the company with legal compliance, asset security, financial reports and related information. A reasonable guarantee was obtained, and the interest demands of various stakeholders for the company to strictly control risks and standardize governance were satisfied.
The third part is the performance of the company's environmental and social responsibilities
The year 2021 is a year in which the printing and dyeing industry has undergone profound changes, and it is also a year in which Yizhong will start a new competition and practice the road of innovation. In this year, all employees of Yizhong Printing and Dyeing worked together to optimize the corporate governance structure and update the company's business philosophy. Positive and steady attitude, embrace changes in the external market environment. The company earnestly fulfills its due environmental and social responsibilities, and makes due contributions to the promotion of sustainable development in economic, environmental and social aspects.
1. Protection of the rights and interests of the company and shareholders
(1) Standardize the corporate governance structure and protect the interests of shareholders. According to the company's business needs and the actual situation of the company, there are 12 meetings of the board of directors and 11 meetings of the board of supervisors. Performing duties and participating in major decisions of the company, effectively safeguarding the overall interests of the company and the interests of shareholders.
(2) Improve the internal control and guarantee the implementation of the system A sound internal control system is conducive to the standardized operation of the company, and is conducive to shareholders and creditors to effectively protect their rights and interests from being infringed. The company started the construction of the internal control system in 2010. After gradual improvement, it has formed the "Articles of Association" as the general principle, the company's "Internal Control System" as the outline, the environmental control system, business control system, accounting system control system, information transmission. A complete and strict internal control system based on the control system and the internal audit control system.
In 2021, the company will strengthen internal audit and internal control, refine the annual internal audit work, implement it in every link of production, conduct on-the-spot assessment of the business circulation process, and put forward optimization suggestions for existing risks.
2. Protection of the rights and interests of the company and employees
(1) Basic rights and interests
The employment system of the company's headquarters and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, holding subsidiaries and their branches complies with the requirements of the "Labor Law", "Labor Contract Law" and other laws and regulations, pursues an equal and non-discriminatory labor employment policy, treats employees fairly, At the same time, the company has established and improved the employment management system. All employees are hired under the labor contract system, and the company signs labor contracts.
rate of 100%. The company abides by national labor laws and regulations, and pays labor remuneration to employees on time and in full according to labor contracts. The company strictly abides by the requirements of the "Labor Law", "Labor Contract Law" and other laws and regulations. The employment of employees is open and fair, and all implement the labor contract system. Let employees feel at ease and follow the law.
The company implements all-round protection for employees, establishes an occupational safety and health system, and strictly implements national regulations and standards. The employee's pension, unemployment, work-related injury, medical and other insurance participation rate reaches 100%, which solves the worries of employees. In 2021, the company will improve the post, salary and performance management system. Establish a cyclical mechanism for performance planning, performance appraisal, and performance improvement.
The guides continuously improve their comprehensive abilities, so as to achieve the goal of win-win for the company and the employees; pay the corresponding social insurance and commercial insurance for the sanitation workers, pay attention to the daily life of the sanitation workers, provide breakfast subsidies for the sanitation workers, hold the sanitation workers' day, and participate voluntarily Persons with difficulties in work shall pay in full the security fund for disabled persons in accordance with national laws and regulations and in combination with local regulations, and help them improve their living conditions.
(2) Complete corporate training
The company adheres to building a learning organization, practices the concept of "learning is the best welfare for employees", provides a good on-the-job education platform for employees, helps employees improve their professional skills, improve their knowledge structure, practice in learning, and grow together with the enterprise . The company cooperates with professional vocational education institutions to provide employees with a variety of training forms, including online academies, management skills training camps, and business-specific training, combining long-term and short-term training, and online and offline linkages. The training radiates all sectors and project companies of the company. The trainees come from various functions and business departments of the company, and use advanced network technology to provide more timely, efficient and systematic training services for more front-line employees.
(3) Production safety and employee health
Establish intrinsic safety management systems, standards and norms, promote the transformation of safety concepts, awareness and thinking methods of managers at all levels, improve safety leadership and safety management skills of managers at all levels, urge employees to consciously implement safety rules and regulations, and reduce employee injury incidents and accidents, reduce the number of process equipment accidents, reduce illegal discharge accidents, and comprehensively build a corporate safety culture. According to the characteristics of the solid waste industry and the water supply and sewage treatment industry, the company customizes regular physical examinations for employees and bears the corresponding expenses; the company establishes a safety management system, safety management standards, and safety management norms, and regularly holds safety production training, occupational health and occupational disease prevention and control Training, improving the safety management skills of managers and leadership at all levels, ensuring that the company's safety production responsibility is clear, leaving no blind spots, and always reminding safety production awareness and self-protection capabilities.
(4) Establishing corporate culture and caring for employees' life Yizhong Printing and Dyeing pays attention to the construction of corporate value culture, and has formed a complete set of brands in management. By allowing employees to participate in brand design, voting for the company's cultural logo, and distributing cultural and creative products to employees and other ways to deepen the corporate brand image and enhance employees' recognition of corporate culture. During the festival period, the company also prepared exquisite gifts for employees, reflecting the practical care for employees.
3. Protection of the rights and interests of the company and creditors
While paying attention to the protection of shareholders' rights and interests, the company also attaches great importance to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of creditors. In the course of operation, the company strictly abides by relevant contracts and systems, fully considers the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, and has never harmed the interests of creditors.
While improving its own operations, the company strives to safeguard the interests of creditors, strictly perform the contracts signed with creditors, and promptly report important information related to the rights and interests of creditors. While maintaining the company's good social reputation, it strictly abides by the business rules of credit cooperation and fully protects the legitimate rights and interests of creditors.
The company has conscientiously established and improved the asset management and capital use system to ensure the safety of assets and funds. In the process of business decision-making, the company adheres to the principles of stability and integrity, strengthens capital budget management and financial risk control, minimizes and resolves business risks, and ensures that Safety of company funds and assets. Strengthen capital budget management and financial risk control, and build a stable financial structure. Pay attention to the use of funds at any time, abide by the business rules of credit cooperation, use bank loans according to the purposes agreed in the contract, repay the principal and interest of various financing institutions on schedule, be honest, trustworthy, legal and compliant, the company's credit status is good, and there is no breach of contract, which is fully guaranteed. The legitimate rights and interests of creditors have formed a good and stable cooperative relationship of mutual trust and mutual support with various commercial banks.
4. Protection of the rights and interests of the company, customers and suppliers
Customers and suppliers are important partners of the company. Without the help of external partners, there will be no development of the company. The company adheres to the principles of sincere cooperation, mutual trust, mutual benefit and common development for customers and suppliers, establishes stable and good cooperative relations, respects the intellectual property rights of suppliers, protects the interests of suppliers, and insists on establishing long-term, Stable strategic cooperative relationship, adhere to the basis of equality, mutual benefit and win-win, and create a harmonious and fair business atmosphere. We adhere to the concept of never-ending service, take customers as the center, take customer demand as the starting point and end point of the company's production and operation activities, and strive to provide customers with quality services, create value for customers, and grow together with customers.
The company adheres to the brand strategy of leading quality, provides customers with environmental protection projects that meet the standards, adheres to customer-centricity, and always adheres to treating customers with sincerity and self-discipline, so as to effectively protect the interests of suppliers and customers. By fully exchanging information between the two parties, negotiating and negotiating on an equal footing, abiding by the contract, delivering as promised, and strictly protecting the confidential information of suppliers, the company has formed a long-term and close strategic partnership with suppliers.
Over the years, Yizhong Printing and Dyeing has always adhered to "honoring promises and valuing trust", and has always strictly demanded itself, striving to become a benchmark enterprise with integrity and performance, helping to develop the concept of social credit and the establishment of a social credit system. Strictly perform the contract and ensure timely and quality delivery. Actively promote local economic development, the company timely fulfills the contract terms with suppliers, carefully organizes project construction, and ensures timely delivery of projects with high quality.
V. The Company and Social Welfare and Targeted Poverty Alleviation
Yizhong Printing and Dyeing is a plastics enterprise positioned in the integration of energy and environmental protection. With the mission of "zero-carbon and waste-free builders", it attaches great importance to the work of environmental and social responsibility, and always insists on integrating the performance of environmental and social responsibility into production and operation.
In 2020, we have successively devoted ourselves to the anti-epidemic cause, donated money and materials, and provided volunteers directly to the local area. In addition, in 2021, the company will also cooperate with the public and public welfare organizations to hold caring student aid activities to send support and care to students in impoverished mountainous areas. .
Part IV Outlook for Environmental and Social Responsibility Work in 2021
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward that "it is necessary to create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet the people's growing needs for a better life, and to provide more high-quality ecological products to meet the people's growing needs for a beautiful ecological environment".
With the marked improvement of my country's productivity and people's living standards, the people look forward to a more beautiful environment. A good ecological environment is the most inclusive people's well-being.
In 2021, Yizhong Printing and Dyeing regards "people" as the main factor for building core competitiveness, and forms a pattern of coordinated and in-depth development of several major business sectors. The market layout and industrial layout radiating to Zhejiang have been formed, which has broadened the breadth of market coverage and enhanced The core competitiveness of the whole industry chain has been improved, and the industrial platform support has been provided for the integration of energy and environmental protection.
In the future, Yizhong Printing and Dyeing will not forget its original intention, always adhere to the corporate development values ​​of "people-oriented, integration of knowledge and action", and will closely link the realization of corporate value with environmental sustainable development, environmental and social responsibility, shareholder return, and employee career development. Build a responsible company.


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